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Speling, Gramor and Punkchuation.

Any successful best-selling author will tell you (for $150 at a writer’s conference) that regardless of how good your novel is, it will never get by that unpaid intern at the literary agency if you didn’t mind your P’s and Q’s and dot all your I’s in the manuscript. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are annoying little deer ticks that try their damnedest to stifle your creative prose with their stops and starts and red and green underlines, announcing loudly to the reading world all your writing limitations. My spelling sucks. I admit it. But I am fortunate to have a spell-checker in my house that not only spells every word correctly but also feeds me, washes my clothes, and makes love to me. You’re probably thinking, where can I get me some of that software, Best Buy? No, it’s my wife I’m talking about for God’s sake. She, (Pamela) has been able to spell any word in the Webster English Dictionary since she won her fourth grade spelling bee without asking the judge to use the word in …