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Chicken Soup For The Soul For Idiots Who Self-Publish

As the title intimates, there have obviously been many more failures in self-publishing than there have been successes, but let’s start on a high note and list a few successes. Speaking of chicken, there is Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen’s mega-successful Chicken Soup for the Soul series, now down to their final theme, Chicken Soup for The Soul of Martians. Also, we must mention Richard Paul Evans who fortunately had one million of his relatives buy his book, The Christmas Box. Though it was first printed in 1995, Evans still makes a pretty good living off the little book. Like John Grisham, they had to earn their chops in the publishing business the hard way by peddling their books out of the trunks of their cars and irritating the hell out of bookstore owners and relatives.
But since this is a self-deprecating, sarcastic, satirical blog on the negative aspects of writing and publishing, you wouldn’t really expect me to dwell on the positive, would you? I think not my imaginary reade…

My G.D. Muse

Tokeloshe I suppose I should firstly apologize to my Christian/Muslim/Buddhist friends for calling my muse a G.D. muse. I have graciously abbreviated the G.D. for their sake, but that’s exactly what my muse is. I hate to upset the religious and easily-offended with my writing, but I pretty much do exactly that whenever I write. Local writing competition judges usually eliminate my work at the first expletive. As I grow older, I find myself amazingly leaning toward a more secular belief of life and death. Amazingly, because most in the autumn years become more religious as a sort of insurance policy, just in case their beliefs are incorrect and St. Peter really is minding the Pearly Gates. But it upsets me when I’m at church and I hear one of the parishioners take the podium asking us and God for forgiveness, confessing he’s an alcoholic, an adulterer, and he cheats on his taxes, etc. but then is been reborn and now has God inside him. What about people like me who kept the straight and …