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Grape Nuts Suck

It's true. At the risk of suffering the Post company's wrath, I freely admit I hate everything about the cereal that has neither 'Grapes' nor 'Nuts.' What does this have to do with writing, you ask? Hell if I know, but my wife ate her Grape Nuts this morning, as she has every morning for the last thirty years and I have reached the end of my sanity tether. The following is a short story on the subject. Don't hit that Back Button yet, damn it. I know, reading other's writing is boring , but what else do you have to do online? How many times can you log on to Facebook anyway? It's your own fault you friended both Democrats and Republicans and now you must pay for your poor decision and suffer their jingoistic crap for three more months. So read the story. If you have one of your own , send it to me and if it's any good, and if it's interesting, I'll place it on the blog. Send to Now read and join the fight to eliminate G…

The Don'ts of Writers Conferences

I’ve been to thirteen conferences in the last five years so regardless of my irreverent tone and the smart-ass comments I’m about to proffer, I do know a little of what I speak of. (Except for ending sentences with a preposition, which I can’t seem to stop doing.) But first a little news and a self-flagellating pat on my back. Despite the title of my blog, Give It Up You’ll Never Be Published, I received news last week that my flash fiction, Tour Bus, won the Grey Sparrow Flash Fiction Competition and will be published in the fall edition of the Grey Sparrow Journal. Also my piece, Beneath The Wintry Sky won second place in the Writers-Editors Short Story Competition. Finally, my story, The Left Rear Tire, was chosen by Julie Compton as a top ten pick for the anthology, My Wheels. (Update: 09/09/2012 - My mystery story, The Adventures of The Nine Hole Gang, has been purchased by The Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine for publication in their 14th volume) I've been asked what makes …