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Women Are From Venus And Men Are Pigs And Lie About Everything, Including Where They're From

Okay, the title rather says it all, but this blog is actually about why men prefer reading novels by male authors, while women favor female authors. This is not an opinion but a fact. Not sure where it came from but a fact, nonetheless.
This element about literature and the sexes started 40,000 years ago in a small cave somewhere in Europe. A singularly talented Neanderthal gathered his buddies one Friday night and after a few rounds of caveman libations, drew some excellent artwork on the cave wall using chalk, charcoal, blood, and flower dye. This first picture book / novel was drawn in three scenes: 1. A rousing illustration of him and his tribal fellows attacking a neighboring village. 2. A stunning depiction of a mass killing of all the men in the village. 3. The victors clubbing the enemies' women and dragging them back to their caves. The artist beamed as his fellow Neanderthals clapped, jumped, and hooted at the mural in great admiration of the author and artist's sk…


A good friend and an excellent poet, Nilanjana Bose, has sent out a request that I post eleven facts about myself and answer eleven questions from her.  Here is my response:

Okay, here goes...11 random facts about me.

1.I lie a lot. In fact, I’m even lying about lying.
2.I have 48 cousins.
3.My favorite food is a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich.
4.I write everything by hand (six novels, 145 short stories, ten poems, 1 song, 1 blog, six illegal prescriptions) If melancholy consumes me I’ll type the suicide note to be different.
5.I’ve been in love with the same girl for 37 years. (No, not Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island—my wife silly.)
6.I am good friends and still love my daughters despite having to raise them.
7.I never smoked or took drugs. I drink only on days that end with a Y.
8.Surfing (Ocean not web) is my therapy, yoga, Yin and Yan.
9.I dislike most politicians except for the reluctant ones. Those are the ones who don’t want to serve but do so …

Dealing With Rejection In Writing

You, of course, don't have to suffer rejection. Just set your goals very, very low and you'll never have to deal with the heartless monster. If you've convinced yourself you'll never have that primo body or job or spouse or pool or Mercedes or million bucks, and your prediction comes true, then you'll save yourself the anxiety of rejection. The same goes for writing. If you truly believe you will never write the Great American or Indian or Canadian (eh?) Novel, and you never do, then you have succeeded. Congratulations.
I've had to deal with rejection all my life. When the doctor held me up after the delivery, I was so ugly he slapped my mother. (kudos to Dangerfield.) In Junior High School, the coach had me run against a three-hundred pound kid with congenital heart disease and I lost. In high school, I asked Laura Baugh, the U.S. Amateur golf champion, and the most beautiful girl in Florida, if she wanted to dance. She looked me up and down and said, "Y…