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A good friend and an excellent poet, Nilanjana Bose, has sent out a request that I post eleven facts about myself and answer eleven questions from her.  Here is my response:

Okay, here goes...11 random facts about me.

1.    I lie a lot. In fact, I’m even lying about lying.

2.    I have 48 cousins.

3.    My favorite food is a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich.

4.    I write everything by hand (six novels, 145 short stories, ten poems, 1 song, 1 blog, six illegal prescriptions) If melancholy consumes me I’ll type the suicide note to be different.

5.    I’ve been in love with the same girl for 37 years. (No, not Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island—my wife silly.)

6.    I am good friends and still love my daughters despite having to raise them.

7.    I never smoked or took drugs. I drink only on days that end with a Y.

8.    Surfing (Ocean not web) is my therapy, yoga, Yin and Yan.

9.    I dislike most politicians except for the reluctant ones. Those are the ones who don’t want to serve but do so as a civic duty and because they love their country.

10. I have been working since I was seven.

11. My favorite authors are Dennis LeHane, William Trevor, Joseph O’Connor, Cormac McCarthy, Vladimir Nabakov, Steven Pressfield, Bernard Cornwell and the lone female-Harper Lee (oh and Flannery O’Connor, oh and Margaret Mitchell.)


The questions I have been asked to answer are:

1.    If you could have any one wish granted, what would it be?

For three more wishes.


2.    Is acceptance a better route to happiness than striving to change?

Trick question because if you strive to change and succeed then you will be accepted.


3.    What's more important, to carry your heritage or to carve out a future despite it?

That depends on where you live. In a free Republic like the USA, your heritage means nothing. You are judged only on what you have done with the resources available. Anyone can succeed here if they believe they will and they follow through to achieve their goals.


4.    Have you ever read any poetry after you left school? If yes, who is your favourite poet?

Yes, of course. Robert Frost, because he lived near my hometown when I was a boy.


5.    If you had to choose just one thing that your mum said to you to keep in memory, what would that be?

Chew your meat twenty times before swallowing. (And the way she said, “I love you, JJ”)


6.    One person, two tools/gadgets, and three books that you’d choose to be marooned with in a desert island.

Kathy Ireland, a flint striker, a knife, Lolita, anything by William Trevor, Anna Karenina.


7.    What’s your addiction?

Apple Fritters


8.    Forest or street, which would you rather be and why?

Forest, because sooner or later I’d be both.


9.    Leaving aside your family and friends, when you say “my people” who exactly do you mean?

My Writer Community


10.Is non-violence a practical response in the current environment?

No. Violence is an inherited trait in men. That’s why women should rule the world.


10. Are we losing touch with reality because of the Internet?

Yes. Parents should remove all technology from children’s hands for at least two days a week and send them outside to make real friends.




  1. Congrats on the award John! Nifty answers! n love facts 5 n 6 both! Have a great week...writing and otherwise!


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