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The Sophomore Jinx and Novelists

I just returned from a writers’ conference where I had some success with the literary awards, taking a few second places as well as making the top ten in an anthology they published, so for a few days I had a modicum of notoriety, congratulated many times by many writers. Then I come home to my loving wife who is more impressed with my ability to remember to take out the trash on Thursday than she is on any awards or publication credits I happen to amass. Ah—literary fame, a huge high and then a big downer, kind of like illegal drugs and sex, though less dangerous. From the few conversations I have had with New York Times Best-selling authors, it seems their biggest fear after achieving fame with the success of their first book, is the sophomore jinx. It’s because the only thing worse than publishing a book and having it fail is publishing a book and having it succeed. A successful book now means you have to follow up with another, just as successful, otherwise you feel you are a failur…

Obama vs. Romney--Choosing a President Based On The Books They Read

After the recent televised debate, pundits and viewers alike may have been swayed for one candidate or the other based on Obama and Romney’s beliefs, plans, and rhetorical skills, but I believe the essence of a man (or woman) is in the books he reads. I have eclectic taste in books, from comic books to Joyce’s, Ulysses, with a tendency toward the eccentric. I would make a lousy president with my inability to decide anything. If I had a choice, I would choose not to have any choices but therein lies the rub, since I would have to choose not to choose. See. I told you I’d make a lousy president. Okay, so let’s choose the next leader of the ‘pretty close to the greatest country in the world’, depending on whether the greatest country is determined by the number of IPhones owned by its populace. First, let’s go over a list of books the candidates say they have read recently. I will analyze their choices afterward. That will be a guess on my part, but I believe the candidates released these …