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It's Time for Writers Idol

I'm off to Dennis LeHane's Writers In Paradise workshop in St. Petersburg at beautiful Eckerd College. Eight grueling days and nights of workshopping our writing and lectures and presentations and one-on-one training with best-selling authors like Andre DuBus, Stewart O'Nan, Laura Lippman, Tom Franklin, Sterling Watson, and of course, Dennis LeHane.
One of the unique features presented at the workshop is the Writers Idol spot, where the famous authors judge two pages of your writing. There are usually three judges and if two of them hold up their hands while your piece is being read, it means they found something wrong with it or just decided they didn't like it and are pleading with the reader to stop the madness. 
I've only been through it twice. The first time Ann Hood stopped the reading after a few sentences when she didn't like the way I called an amputee's stump a stub. Of course my name isn't on the two pages, but you still die in …

How To Act Like A Best Selling Novelist

Danielle Steel's House
Despite your negative attitude and barely passable writing you have somehow managed to con both your publishers and your public and now hit the best-seller list every time you release a new book. You have reached that pinnacle of the writing world you’ve strived for since you typed your first double negative on to a blank piece of paper. Everybody loves you. You’re famous. Celebrities mention your books on talk shows. The public adores your continuing character, Deke or Zeke or whatever other masculine name you gave your private eye or rogue cop who never solves cases in the orthodox ways. Congratulations. Now that you’re a big shot author, how do you act like one? That’s why I’m here to prepare you for that day of success, how to handle it, and how you should alter your behavior befitting your new status in the writing world. I will guide you step by step through the maze of celebrity. I took Psychology 101 in college and I have a subscription to People so…