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Listen! Don't Read!

Update: Some good news. My story, Rat Baiting, won first place in the Arizona Mystery Writers short story contest. And---- my story, A Shadow The Length Of A Lifetime, was accepted and published in the Bacopa Literary Review magazine.

Now back to pessimism and sarcasm:

Irreverent, you say. A writer who tells you not to read? Blasphemy! What is the number one answer that all successful authors give when asked for the best advice to eager, fledgling writers? The answer? Read. Read a lot. Read a lot of everything. Read everything.
Quite true. They know what they’re talking about or they wouldn’t have the modifier: Best Selling Author in front of their name now would they? These great authors were the nerds in school who always had a book in front of their noses during lunch and recess. Everybody picked on them but they’re getting their revenge with every best-selling novel they pump out. So if your child says he or she is being picked on in school, assure them they will have the last laug…