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The High Cost Of Writing

I’m Back. Heeer’s Johhnny! I’d like to apologize for ignoring my blog for so long, but as the title infers, one makes little money from writing so one must work for a living. I’m too old to sell my body so it’s trudge, trudge, trudge to the office and work, work, work.
I’ve been busy putting together a collection of short stories about death which will probably cost more to produce than the pitiful income it brings in. Here’s the cover so far and when it comes out it will be available both digitally and in paperback on Amazon, B&N etc. So stay tuned and prepare to fork over four bucks for the Kindle copy or maybe I’ll price it at $3.99 like the gas stations do. Available now on:

Back to the theme. Don’t give up your day job. Not yet, anyway. The hobby of writing can be quite expensive or dear, if you’re British. I do have other hobbies that on the surface seem like they should cost more than writing: Golf: About $2000 a year if you don’t include the $1000 t…