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Latest White Trash Picture Learnin' Book Update and other stuff of little interest

I recently was notified my story, The League Of Homely Women, won an honorable mention from Writers Digest.

My novel, Nisei, won second place in the SouthWest Writers 31st Annual Contest.

Announcement: I will be giving an hour long talk on my book: Death's Twisted Tales at the Palm Bay Library on 01/08/2014 at 6:30 PM. I will serve my wife's chocolate chip cookies and will be passing out free books and free toys and no-doze.

Addendum to My White Trash Picture Learnin' Book:

By Karrielynn Jackson

This is my White Trash Picture Learnin' Book and I am six and I have two brothers and 1 sister and none of 'em knowd as much as me.

There are 4 things on the kitchen counter an one of  'em is dead.

The others you kin eat.
If Becky et one and Joshua et another, and the dead one is still dead, how many do you got left?
Answer: One-that ain't dead.

Animal Sounds
Neighbor's dogs go Bark, Bark, Bark and don't never…