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My Life as a Literary Prostitute

UPDATE: I was pleasantly surprised to see two cool e-mails when we came back off vacation:One was an award for Second Place in the Mainstream/LiteraryNovelcategory of Southwest Writer’s 31st annual contest for  my novel, Nisei. The other was from Akashic Press saying my story, Mathers Bridge, was accepted for publication in their Mondays Are Murder series. And a third update. My entry to the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest for the worst first line of a novel, won a Dishonorable Mention Award in the Romance Category. My mother would be so proud. Fourth Update-(when it rains...) My story, CARROTASTROPHE, was published in Green Prints magazine two and a half years after I wrote it.

back to whining and self-absorption:

All authors have that overwhelming desire to proffer their work to others, to see what the reader will think about it, to receive their sagacious advice and criticism. At least that’s what the author says, anyway. In truth, the author wants only to hear praise for his or her wo…