Monday, October 14, 2013

Experimental Post

If you were routed to this blog by a search engine with the intention of seeing something absolutely different, like Britney gyrating or Miley twerking, I apologize, though I’d like to think of this as an Experimental Blog with the intent of hijacking innocent browsers for my own purposes, those being to promote myself. Go ahead and leave if you must, but be aware by ignoring my creative writing  you risk hurting my feelings as well as the feelings of my dear departed mother, God rest her soul.

What I’ve done is listed links to my writing on the web as well as links to places my book can be purchased and also a Goodreads Giveaway page. With these links at your beckoning, you can spend the next half-hour or so entertained instead of wasting it on Solitaire or Grand Theft Auto. Seriously, how many people can you kill with your mouse before the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome surface?

Anyway, the technique I used to lure you here probably has a name, like Search Baiting or Search Slammed or I’ve Been Screwed By Some Asshole Again, but I think I will label it, Search Misdirection.  

I have purposely labeled this post with a zillion search words that have absolutely nothing to do with getting published or writing in general. Below is a sampling of the labels. If you used one of them in a search engine, there’s a good chance it misdirected you here. Now that you’re pissed off, calm down by clicking on a link and sitting back to enjoy a break from the mindless repetitive games you waste your time pursuing on the Web.
Don’t hate me. After all, there are no viruses on the links.

Labels: Miley Cyrus twerks with Justin Beiber, Jennifer Anniston Surgery, Britney Spear’s secret love, Syria, Furloughed Workers, India’s Typhoon, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock relationship, Rihanna tattoos, Breaking Bad ending sucks, Bruce Jenner surgery, Bruce Jenner divorce, William and Kate jealous of George, Harry’s new girlfriend, Scandal star tells all, Michael Douglas cancer surgery, Justin Bieber fight, Tom Hanks diabetes.