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The Importance of Titles in Classic Literature or How to Change a Plot with One Lettter

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Mondays are Murder

Kudos to my wife for today's blog. We were looking at a schedule of events at our local library where one of the upcoming programs was an in-depth review and analysis by the book club of the book: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Unfortunately, the flyer had a typo where the title instead read: Anne Frank: The Dairy of a Young Girl. My wife, trying to be clever, my job, by the way, said that would be an interesting book-a girl and her dairy farm during the war. I chuckled to appease her and then wondered how one would rewrite the synopsis of the book for the dust cover, considering the new title. Then I thought, what if a typo by the publisher of only one letter changed all of the dust covers for the classics? Then you'd have to rewrite all of the book's synopsis, which I did of the following. Each of the titles have only one letter…